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For those who have asked about progress with RF486, here she is on the first outing for 2½ years, ready for repaint. 

Photo © Peter Osborn


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What's new
Bluebell Railway Vintage Bus Day takes place next Sunday, 4 October.  Routes operate from East Grinstead and Sheffield Park; timetables here.  RT4779 will operate route 20 Sheffield Park - Brighton, departing Brighton 1145, 1400, 1615 and Sheffield Park 1255, 1525, 1750.
An intriguing query from Alan Cross, regarding notes by John Gillham on wartime Chiswick staff buses.  More information has come to light on the buses used on the Reigate to Chiswick staff bus, and we hope later in the year to have some information on the buses that replaced staff trams serving Charlton works.
Central Area single-deck operations
The site provides details of single-deck services operated by the Central Area of London Transport, up to 1968, and in particular those operated by RFs (1952-1979) - see Red RF routes.  We are pleased to include memories and comments from crews and others that remember RFs in operation.  More detail is added periodically, and comments and additional input are welcome, please email.  There are also a brief history of the RF class, some local history and some background notes on LT operations.
Red-RF events
Details of events we have organised in the past, including operations to mark the 60th anniversary of red RFs, are listed here, with links to photo galleries.  Future events will be notified on this page.
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David Moore captured RLH23 at an earlier event, Hackney 2006, here arriving at the Maryland terminus of the 178.