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Route 210, the first to operate red RFs.  RFs will return to the 210 in support of Metroline's open day at Holloway Garage on Saturday 9 July.

Nearly 50 years ago, in September 1968, RF401 displays the wrong blind as it waits at Finsbury Park before heading back to Golders Green - not via Hackney Wick!

Photo © Richard Cripps


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What's new
Red-RF are pleased again to be organising RF operation on route 210 between Golders Green and Finsbury Park, on Saturday 9 July. The free service will be in support of Holloway Bus Garage open day, courtesy of operator Metroline.  Buses will serve the garage in both directions.  The service will run from about 1100 to 1630, details here.
Alton Bus Rally is on Sunday 17 July.  RT4779 will operate a feeder service from Dorking and Guildford, as follows:

Dorking (Station)                              

0930 (connects with TfL 465 bus from Kingston due 0929)


Dorking (White Horse)                      



Guildford (Bus Station, Stand 21)      



Guildford (Railway Station, Stop B)  

1017 (bus stop on railway bridge on Farnham Road)


Alton (Anstey Park)                          






Alton (Anstey Park)                          



Guildford (Railway Station, Stop A)  

1743 (bus stop on railway bridge on Farnham Road)


Guildford (Bus Station, Stand 21)    



Dorking (White Horse)                    



Dorking (Station)         


The service will also serve stops on the A25 between Dorking and Guildford via Abinger Hammer on request.
There are a number of films available on the internet showing buses in the RF era, but a reader kindly drew our attention to one including (amongst a tribute to north London floral public spaces and period street scenes) rare colour footage of RFs on the 212, briefly at about 02:45 of the film here (note - the first few seconds are blank).
Central Area single-deck operations
The site provides details of single-deck services operated by the Central Area of London Transport, up to 1968, and in particular those operated by RFs (1952-1979) - see Red RF routes.  We are pleased to include memories and comments from crews and others that remember RFs in operation.  More detail is added periodically, and comments and additional input are welcome, please email.  There are also a brief history of the RF class, some local history and some background notes on LT operations.
Red-RF events
Details of events we have organised in the past, including operations to mark the 60th anniversary of red RFs, are listed here, with links to photo galleries.  Future events will be notified on this page.
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David Moore captured RLH23 at an earlier event, Hackney 2006, here arriving at the Maryland terminus of the 178.