Worcester Park 2008

Worcester Park bridge replacement

Page last updated 8 January 2014


Just an ordinary low bridge, not doing anyone any harm....  RF371 heads northwest for Kingston under the old bridge on the 213 in August 1961.


Andrew Hicks has provided a set of photographs that captured the protracted process of replacing the Worcester Park bridge.  Whilst the road below was closed for only one day, the work extended over more than a year.


The first stage was to install the temporary waybeams to support the rails, undertaken at the end of May and beginning of June 1962.

Railway engineering


For this day, bus route 213 was split at Worcester Park.  The Kingston section terminated on the station forecourt - this is RF520.  Transferring passengers used the station footbridge.

Terminating on the forecourt


... and the new bridge was rolled into place.

.. bring on Buster Keaton ..


Once the new road was completed, traffic moved to the new section allowing double-decking of the 213 to go ahead, on 8 May 63.  An RT on the 213 is seen passing through the works.

Double-deck at last


Meanwhile, a Green Line RF failed and was helped out by Norbiton Garage providing RF526, seen here under the next bridge along, the Chessington line at Malden Plough, behind the failed bus.  Andrew Hicks reports that, during the bridge closure, the 725 ran through but was diverted via Stoneleigh. 



All photos © Andrew Hicks, many thanks for the detailed record.


In addition, Robert Carroll has been in touch.  His Flickr site also has photos of the bridge reconstruction, including a view from the Worcester pub, a view of the new carriageway whilst the old is rebuilt and one of the completed bridge with the station forecourt.