Weybridge Running Day

23 October 2011

Running days are about this!  RT3491 ran the 462B service from Weybridge Vickers Works to Walton Bear before taking up service on the 716, while RLH48 waits to depart for Ottershaw on the 461A.
Photo © Peter Larkham
Brooklands is not only famous for being the site of Cobham's new bus museum.  Or indeed for having been a racing circuit.  Or being an historic aircraft factory and airfield.  It was also the destination ('Weybridge Vickers Works') for many special journeys on London Transport bus routes, both red and green.  Those days were recreated on 23 October 2011 for the first running day based on the new London Bus Museum, jointly organised by the London Bus Museum and Red-RF Events.
photo gallery of the day is attached, together with some notes on the oldest motor buses on display .  
The route network was part of that operated by London Transport in the 1960s (with some adjustments) and was worked by former London Transport (or London Country) buses and coaches from the T, RT, RLH, RF, GS, RM, RMC, RML, MB, RP and SNC classes.
Teething problems at the new venue and some administrative issues (together with the usual problem of last minute 'no shows') meant that the day got off to a shaky start, but the range of buses seemed to attract approval.  In the end, we missed only two or three scheduled journeys.