Hounslow road run

Page last updated 13 February 2018
In the traditional layover location at Hounslow Garage, RF486 and RF406 await their next journey.
Photo © Peter Osborn


The winter of 2017-18 marks the 65th anniversary of all 225 of London's red RFs entering service between September 1952 and March 1953.  Towards the end of deliveries, RF486 arrived at Muswell Hill garage on 11 February 1953, for the conversion of route 212 from TD to RF operation.  After 4 months, it was transferred to Sutton for the 213, and a month later settled at Hounslow (AV) until September 1956, working on route 237.


On 11 February 2018, RF486 returned to Hounslow to celebrate its birthday by running some of the routes operated by Hounslow RFs over the years.  It was joined by RF406, which operated from Hounslow briefly in 1961.  We are pleased to offer a photo record of the day.


Chertsey Station was the western terminus of the 237, deep in Country bus territory.


RF486 passing through Lower Sunbury.

Photo © Mark Lyons


The 211 terminated on the south side of Hampton Station, running round Oldfield  Road to turn.  The modern turn for short workings uses the more logical north side  of the station so that buses can pick up at the westbound stop.


Having run along Whitton High Street and down its second Percy Road of the day, RF486 turns into Hospital Bridge Road.

Photo © Mark Lyons


OK, cameras ready?  By Richmond Bus Station, the weather has improved.



All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise shown

RF406 and RF486 stand in Old Shepperton.  It was not usual for two 237s to run together - the service interval was usually 15 minutes or more.


RF486 boards for the 1200 departure on the 211 to Hampton Station.


Hounslow's 202 route (now running as H22) serves roads through south Hounslow and Whitton that first saw buses in 1951.  RF486 pauses in Nelson Road.


The 202 terminated beyond Richmond, in order that the station could be served, and used the same Dee Road terminus as the 71.  The photographers shelter on the bus during a hail storm.


The modern replacement for the 71 is the 465, which continues beyond the site of Leatherhead Garage to Dorking.  Quality Line's OV04 has now been renumbered OV30074.