Route 227 centenary

Saturday 13 August 2016

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Page last updated 18 August 2016


RF354 arrives at Crystal Palace Parade on 13 August 2016, over 45 years after the last RF operation on the route by LT.

Photo © Ian Saunders


Route 227 commenced operation during the first world war, on 10 August 1916.  One hundred years later, and 45 years after the RFs handed over to SMSs, four RFs, together with one TD and a preserved Dart, celebrated the centenary with a free service between Crystal Palace and Bromley Garage.  The event was linked with the garage open day, also marking 30 years of Roundabout, and a free service also worked route 61.  Over two thousand people enjoyed rides on classic buses.


The event page has details of the history of the 227.  Here we present a photo record of the day, with thanks to all the photographers who have provided pictures.


The 227 has been single-deck operated throughout its 100 year history because of the low railway bridge at Shortlands.  Here TD95 from London Bus Museum (not a type that usually worked the 227) demonstrates.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
Pulling away from the Clockhouse Station stop with a puff of smoke is RF319 - like all the RFs, now well over 60 years old.
Photo © Graham Walker
Joining the RFs on the service was former Maidstone & District low-floor Dart P238 MKN, now 20 years old, seen here arriving onto the stand at Penge Crooked Billet.
Photo © Thomas Drake
RF354 passes another bound for Penge in Bromley High Street.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
RF354 and RF401 on the stand at Bromley Garage.
Photo © Steve Madden
Our RF486 arrives at Bromley Greyhound inbound from Penge.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
 On the section of Bromley High Street not normally served by the 227, RF401 arrives at Bromley South on its way to the garage.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
Bromley Garage, a quiet spell on the open day.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
Route 61 operated a free service between Bromley South, where Olympian S218LLO is picking up, to Orpington.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
More traditional preserved buses also ran on the 61, and RT1702 proved popular.
Photo © Graham Fife
The second preserved Dart in operation was former Stagecoach 34366, dating from 2002.
Photo © Simon Bye
The good weather gave the opportunity to operate open top NV171 on the 61 as a replacement for an unfit Routemaster.
Photo © KK69521 at Flickr
RF28 recalled the days of the southern orbital Green Line route 725 by running a feeder from Gravesend along half the route.  The coach is seen here before setting out from Gravesend.
Photo © Ian Saunders
A final look at the historic terminus at the Crooked Billet in Penge, in use since at least 1922.  RF354 awaits a return to Bromley.
Photo © Graham Fife