Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary

A Salute to the Few - 11 & 12 September 2010


The RAF Museum holds an annual Battle of Britain weekend to remember the men and women who took part in that critical episode of the war.  As a complement to the 70th anniversary, four buses that lived through the Battle of Britain in London in 1940 attended and three ran in public service.  In addition to Cobham's prototype RT from 1939, the new design that was to become London's standard bus after the war, two buses were new earlier in 1940 and one dates from 1934. 
Buses in public service were STL441 (1934), RT8 (1940) and RT113 (1940), operating to Colindale and Mill Hill.  Our sincere thanks to the owners and crews who helped make this a special weekend.  This section contains a small gallery of photos from the event.
If it were a bus, it would be an AEC.
Photo © Peter Zabek