Worcester Park 2008.



Operations are on public roads.  Please stay safe when taking photographs and keep to the pavements.  And make sure you do not obstruct any TfL bus operations. 
Send us your pictures, for this site
We will be putting up a gallery of pictures of the event, as we did for Carshalton (here) and Hackney Marshes (here).  We would welcome any good pictures from you. We can’t pay you but if we use your photographs we will credit you and, of course, copyright remains with you. Please e-mail digital images or scanned prints. We will resize them if necessary. If you have prints but no scanner, please contact us at the same e-mail address and we’ll let you know where to send them. We will return the prints if you ask us to.
A selection of places that might be good for photography:
  • Worcester Park station forecourt and bridge

  • Cheam Common Rd from the top of Worcester Park towards North Cheam - largely unchanged housing of the period

  • North Cheam Queen Victoria, the Churchill Road stand is south-west facing

  • Malden Road from North Cheam to Cheam - largely unchanged housing of the period

  • Cheam village, Broadway - the mock Tudor shops

  • The Woodstock and Stonecot Hill, just south of The Woodstock, nice period background

  • Morden Station (note that buses will not be permitted to linger at Morden)

  • Wimbledon Village - war memorial on the bend as the common starts is good for northbound buses
  • Raynes Park, station (both sides), Junction Tavern stand and Grand Drive

  • north end of Traps Lane quite picturesque in a suburban way

  • Malden Fountain roundabout

  • St Helier Middleton Road terminus

  • Outside Merton Garage

  • Northbound request stop at London Road / Oaks Avenue (one stop south of North Cheam) has two lovely weeping willow trees as background

  • London Road alongside Nonsuch Park and round the Z bend to the park entrance - southbound buses
  • Ewell High Street between Cheam Road and West Street - historic buildings both sides


If you know the area, you may have other ideas for photo-opportunities. Share them with us here and we will look at adding them to the list.