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Page last updated 27 December 2014
Unless otherwise stated, all details relate to the period of RF operation.  Routes ran every day unless noted otherwise.  Details are given under the following headings:
Dates of RF operation
These generally reflect the formal vehicle allocations, although actual usage information at garages with more than one single-deck route has been used where known. 
Red RFs sometimes worked on Excursions in the early days.  This is Merton's RF371 waiting to set out on Excursion 88 from Battersea Princes Head  to Newlands Corner on a Sunday in 1954, complete with conductor sporting a Bell Punch.  Merton's allocation was usually found on the 200, but that route required two less buses on Sunday; the bus is presumably covering for a Private Hire RF.  The Princes Head is where the 19 and 49 turn south off Battersea Park Road; the stop has a notice saying 'Sunday Bus Excursions, see notice below'.  Thanks to Paul Richards for identifying the location.    Photo © DA Jones, Peter Gomm collection
Short workings are generally not shown.
Route history
Histories cover the route itself, together where appropriate with information on its predecessor and related routes.
RF route in detail, with timing points
Routes are given as listed in the official timetables, with major variations during the years of RF operation given.  In some cases, the roads have subsequently changed due to redevelopment.  An indication of timing points is given (intermediate points being underlined), but in many cases these changed subtly over the years.
The official routing of 'when working' garage journeys is given where the garage was off the line of route, and where known.  In some cases, buses used other roads in practice.
As shown by the official 'Red Book', generally over the years of single-deck operation.  On a few less frequent routes, there were gaps in service for crew breaks which are not shown.  Scans of relevant Red Book timetables are given where available, thanks to Roger Newport and Timetable Graveyard for these.
Where faretables are available, they are attached as pdf files.  Thanks to Paul Brophy for the original files.
RF Garages and Vehicle allocation
The peak vehicle requirement (PVR) is given, by garage where more than one garage was involved. 
For those routes that received new RFs in 1952-53, a list of the buses involved is given.
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