RF336 operating from FWKingston 2009

Routes 206 and 206A

The most out-of-the-way of the 'Kingston routes', the 206 was (with the 201) one of the first four OMO RF routes, as well as being one of only two routes to work as OMO throughout the war (the other was the 252).  Its allocation moved into Fulwell garage the day after the last London trolleybuses finished.  The 206A is a new route to provide a shuttle service to Esher Station.

RF336 works from Fulwell in Esher Green Road. 

Photo © Peter Relf, Peter Gomm collection


Original RF route

HAMPTON COURT STATION, Imber Court, Esher Station, Lower Green, Esher Green, Claygate Station Approach, CLAYGATE



A limited service will operate between Hampton Court and Claygate on 22 March, with additional journeys starting or finishing at Esher Sandown Park.  The station shuttle (circular) will run every 15 minutes from the station to Sandown Park in the morning and to the station in the afternoon, returning via Lower Green.  Timetable.


In addition, a road run from Sandown Park to Fulwell Garage will operate in the morning.


Hello Hampton CourtMain boarding points

Route 206:

Hampton Court Station stop G

Esher Church Street (towards Hampton Court) and High Street (towards Claygate)

Route 206A:

Esher Station

Esher Sandown Park

Esher High Street


Route history in detail is here.




RF481 still looks smart as it arrives at Hampton Court.

Photo © Paul Redmond