Events - 2019

Page last updated 27 May 2019


2019 was a year of anniversaries - 40 years since the end of LT operation of

both RFs and RTs.


Kingston RF event


Amersham & District organised an RF anniversary event around Kingston on 24th March, marking 40 years since RFs last worked for LT on 30 March 1979 and featuring each of the main types of RF.


RF421 works the 218 through Walton.
Photo © John Parkin


Unmodernised Green Line RF271 recreated the 462B works service at Weybridge.
Photo © Peter Larkham


Modernised Green Line RF180 arrives at the site of the former BAC Works.
Photo © John Parkin


Sightseeing RF13 (previously preserved in Hampson's livery) also worked the 462B; seen in Byfleet village.

Photo © John Parkin