Events - 2017

Page last updated 5 January 2018


A pictorial summary of where we've been this year.


London Bus Museum Members' day, 12 March (RF486)

West Croydon Bus Station community day, 2 April (RT4779)

London Bus Museum Spring Gathering, 9 April (RF486)

Ash Grove open day, 22 April (RF486)

East Grinstead Running Day, 30 April (RT4779)

Route 10 road run, 10 May

Staines Running Day, 21 May (RF486)

Route 406 running day, 18 June (RT4779)

London Bus Museum Summer event, 25 June (RF486)

Leatherhead running day, 9 July (RT4779)

Alton bus rally, Sunday 16 July (RF486)

Christmas Lights Tour (the very last), 13 August (RT4779)

Bromley running day, 10 December



Five RFs supplemented Stagecoach's service for the now-traditional Christmas outing on the 227 on Sunday 10 December 2017, just in time for snow at higher altitudes.  RF486 takes it in its stride.


RT1702 joined in the fun with workings over former route 94, seen here making a connection at Bromley North.


Ash Grove

For the Ash Grove garage open day on 22 April, TfL gave permission for a free service on route 236 serving the garage.  RF486 and Tower Transit's DMV44255 are seen at Hackney Wick.



All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.


Leatherhead running day brings RT4779 back home.  Here it arrives in Leatherhead from a run on the 470.

Photo © John Parkin


West Croydon

To mark the opening of the new West Croydon Bus Station, TfL held a community day, with free RT rides.  RT4779 revisited parts of the 408 and RT1702 parts of the 75.


New route 715

Not quite into 2017, but almost...

Following Abellio's wholesale withdrawal from Surrey bus routes, Stagecoach Guildford stepped in to replace the former 515 with a new route 715 between Guildford and Kingston.  This restoration of the traditional Green Line route number was marked by London Bus Museum operating RMC1461 (and, early in the day RML2760) on the route on the first day, New Year's Eve 2016.  In Ripley, the regular service Dennis Dart arrives from Guildford to join the party.