Events - 2015


A pictorial summary of where we've been this year


Page last updated 17 December 2015


East Grinstead running day, 12 April

Windsor & Slough running day, 31 May

Hertford running day, 6 June

Epsom Coaches 95th anniversary, 20 July

Hemel Hempstead running day, 16 August

Camberwell Garage open day, 5 September

Bluebell Railway, 4 October and 1 November

London Bus Museum TransportFest, 18 October

Route 159, 9 December

Bromley route 227, 13 December


Bluebell railway

Brighton Pool Valley at the end of duty on the 20 from Sheffield Park.

Photo © Giffard Hazle


Hemel Hempstead

Trunk route 301 ran from Aylesbury to Watford Heath.  RT4779 worked the Tring to Watford section for the day and is seen in Tring High Street.

Photo © Richard Thomas


East Grinstead

2015 marks 50 years since the introduction of the famous XF-class Daimler Fleetlines, precursors of London's new one-man double-deck fleet, on Country route 424 between Reigate and East Grinstead.  The route therefore featured strongly in this year's event; RT4779 started from the Reigate Station terminus.
Photo © Colin Fradd
Not just a point to point route, the 424 ran in something of a zigzag, here leaving Horley for Smallfield.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg
Copthorne Church and RT4779 is followed by a cyclist through the sharp turn.
Photo © Colin Fradd
Later in the day, we had the pleasure of running the RT behind XF1.  Two of the original eight XFs were in service on the day. 
Photo © Steve Whitelegg
All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.