Harrow Weald route 136

RF421 and RLH57 at HDMini-running day                           Monday 7 August 2006

The 40th anniversary of the introduction of Harrow Weald RF route 136 in 1966 was marked by a mini-running day on 7 August 2006 over the route, operated by RFs.  Photos of the route in the 1960s are here and of the event are here
The 136 was significant as it was the first all-new suburban one-man operated route to be introduced in London, following the conversion of a number of existing routes from 1964.  The lower costs of operation meant that the route was a success, and it formed a precursor to the major upheavals of the Reshaping Plan in 1968. 
This section of the site gives details of the 136 and a timetable of the services.
RF421 pauses at Harrow Weald Garage, 17 July 1968.  There were gaps in the single-bus service on the 136 for meal breaks.
 Alongside is RLH57, less than a year before the RLHs (and the 230) would be just a memory at HD.
Photo: Peter Gomm collection

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