Route 11

2 November 2014

Page last updated 30 November 2014
RT4779 pulls away from the Charing Cross Station stop.
Photo © John King
In this Year of the Bus 2014, the RT family is 75 years old.  Having celebrated by operating on route 22 between Piccadilly Circus and Homerton on 12 April and by running RT1 over its first route exactly 75 years later on 9 August, it was the turn of route 11 to round off a year of celebration on 2 November. 
Sixteen buses of the RT family, all over 60 years old, ran in service on the 11 alongside LT-class 'new Routemasters'.  The event has been well-covered elsewhere, but a few select shots are included here.
More details of the event are included in the event page.


RTW335 and RTL139 pass Horse Guards Parade.

Photo © Peter Zabek

LT67 pulls out between RT3491 and RT3232 in Whitehall.
Photo © Graham Smith

If black buses and white buses are OK, why not green buses?  No fewer than six green RTs joined the six Leylands and four red RTs on the day.

Photo © Western Bonker




As luck would have it, the guv'nor was holding a camera as RT2043 passed RT4779 in the Kings Road.

Photo © Leon Daniels




But it was a Leyland day in the end - the 11 was a Leyland route above all.  Wide and narrow Leylands share Fleet Street in this evening view.

Photo © Keith Valla