Route 408 re-creation - photo gallery

24 November 2013

Page last updated 8 January 2014
"408 Special journeys" - the bus stop at the site of Leatherhead Garage.
Photo © Mark Lyons
RT4779 has been restored to its condition when delivered, newly overhauled, to Leatherhead Garage in November 1963.  To mark 50 years from that event,  the bus ran over former Country Area route 408 between Guildford and Chelsham on Sunday 24 November 2013.  A brief history of the route and a link to the event leaflet is on the event page.

RT4779 arrives at Ewell Green Man on its morning run to Guildford.

Photo © Graham Burnell


The autumn colours between Leatherhead and Bookham gave a pleasing backdrop to photographs.

Photo © Tom Drake


Coombe Road, Croydon.
Photo © Paul Gildersleve


Having run to Guildford, RT4779 was joined on its return in Epsom by RT604.  Both are seen here after weaving through Sanderstead avoiding the low bridges. 

Photo © Graham Donaldson


RT4779 makes its way up Sanderstead Hill towards the former Chelsham Garage. 

Photo © Mark Lyons


RT4779 and RT604 were joined at Chelsham by RT3183.  604 and 3183 are both former Chelsham buses.  The three paused at the top of Sanderstead Hill en route to Croydon. 
Photo © Peter Osborn




In the morning, RT4779 is followed across Wallington Green by RT604, running as a 470.

Photo © Chris Cook

RT3183 stands ready for departure opposite Chelsham Garage.
Photo © Paul Gildersleve

As the light faded, RT3183 runs past Carshalton Pond. 
Photo © Nigel Henty

RT3183 paused at Cheam for a meal relief, as RT4779 continued to Leatherhead. 

Photo © Dan Sullivan


Running as a 472 towards Netherne Hospital, RT4779 paused in Epsom.

Photo © Graham Burgess


Thank you to all the photographers who provided pictures for the gallery, some of whom are seen here.

Photo © Peter Osborn



Finally, John Parkin's short video may be viewed here.