Other events - 2007 part 1


2007 events - April to June


Hemel Hempstead, 24 June

Cobham, 17 June

Hertford, 10 June

Potters Bar, 20 May

East Grinstead, 23 April

Carshalton, 16 April

Cobham/Longcross, 1 April


Hemel Hempstead

Deep in green bus territory

In the heart of the Country area, a 312 (RT1784) makes the connecton with a 317A (RF486) at Berkhamsted Station.

Photo © Peter Osborn



A rather wet morning saw RF486 running a 727 Green Line Express from Kingston to Watford.

Photo © Peter Osborn



Esher rocks

SNB312 on the 715 pulls in behind RF486 on the 215 on the stand at Esher.

Photo © Peter Osborn
The 211 was an RF route once ...
RF486 ran its customary Green Line service from Dorking to Hertford.  It is seen at Victoria mixing with modern equivalents.
Photo © Peter Osborn

Potters Bar

STL2377 running J9 on the 27 at Kew Green

En route from Cobham Bus Museum, STL2377 called at its old short-working terminus at Kew Green.
Photo © Peter Osborn
Blanche Lane departure
Departing South Mimms for Cuffley.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg

Last men standing

RT3228 and RF486 bask in the evening sun.  By now the other buses had blown away.

Photo © Peter Osborn