Other events - 2007 part 2


2007 events - July onwards


Bluebell Railway, 11 November

Sussex social, 27 October

Amersham, 30 September

Loughton, 9 September

Dorking, 2 September

Holloway Garage centenary, 1 September

Sidcup & Swanley, 8 July


Bluebell Railway

The RF strayed away from London territory for the second time in a month to run on Southdown's 789 service for the Bluebell Railway running day.  It shared the morning service with Guy Arab no. 547.

Ahem, route 789, not 20


Maidstone & District Park Royal-bodied Reliance 277 was one of the buses working the Uckfield service.

Uckfield, Brighton and Haywards Heath were served


Meanwhile, during the break, RF486 and a few photographers went off to look for some train shots...

No trains under here then ...


Holloway garage centenary

The LT Museum sent B340 to the celebrations, together with TF77 as support bus.

B340 with original driver



Classic styles in Woodford.

Betjeman woz ere


A variety of buses ran at Loughton, including a 1/2RF2 and a 1/2RF5/3; RF433's crew share a joke about leaf springs.  Loughton's Victorian Lopping Hall (as in tree lopping) looms behind the RT.



RF433 (formerly based at Loughton) benefited from LT's mobile lamp standard 832J (formerly STL162) to light the way back from Debden.

Er, left a bit


There is not a lot of traffic potential between Epping and Loughton on the 20B

RF486 pulls away from an empty stop.

Bosky Kosky


RF486 ran the 291 en route to Loughton, and called at Barking Garage to say hello.

The ones that got away



Part way round the loop working of the 439, which passes through Brockham twice in the same direction, a connection is made with Steve Fennell & co's Clydeside RM835.

Connection at Beare Green


Re-entering Dorking, two RTs are encountered in the form of Guerrnsey 14 (RT2494) and RT604

Through a glass lightly


Famous route 412 (see also here) had, in the days of the Leyland Cubs,  journeys serving Leith Hill Leylands Road which has no apparent traffic potential.  RF486 is seen laying over before heading to Holmbury St Mary.

Highest RF in England





All Photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.