Route 210 RF anniversary

11 September 2012

Photo gallery


11 September 1952 was the day the first red RFs entered service on route 210 across
north London.  To mark the 60th anniversary, route 210 had six RFs in operation again
on 11 September 2012, and they were very well used - most buses ran full and over
1,300 passenger journeys were taken. 
Thanks to the photographers for providing images for this gallery. 
The original event page is here.
In earlier days, trolleybus route 611 ran alongside the 210 up and down Highgate Hill.  Replacement
route 271 still operates between the turning circle on Highgate High Street and Finsbury Square,
represented by Metroline's TE907 passing RF395, with RF491 in the distance.
Photo © Ian Herman
Heavily-laden RF395 has just completed the climb of Highgate Hill.  All the RFs could still pass
this test, even pulling away from traffic lights with full loads.  The operation attracted much
interest from local people.
Photo © Geoff Ragg
MH 1 was operated by RF491.  Here it stands at Finsbury Park, next to the roadside ticket machine
installed for route W7 (the former 212) and now something of a collector's item, as they are being
withdrawn as too expensive to maintain.
Photo © Keith Valla
MH 3 was operated by RF433, an original doorless RF featuring roof advertisements as carried by
red RFs in the 1950s.  It is seen at Finsbury Park accompanied by TE1095 of today's Metroline
fleet at Cricklewood.
Photo © Daniel Sullivan
MH 5 was operated by RF395, an original doorless RF.  Here in a timewarp, it passes through the
narrow gap at The Spaniards Inn on Hampstead Heath.
Photo © Daniel Sullivan

London Bus Museum's TD95 did not operate in service but did run over the route.  It is seen here

at Golders Green, showing off the fine architecture down Golders Green Road.

Photo © Peter Zabek


Although it doesn't look like it here in Highgate High Street, the day was remarkably free of

traffic congestion for a weekday.

Photo © Peter Larkham

RF433 pulls round from HT onto the Archway stop to commence service.
Photo © Ian Smith

Old and new.  Two-year-old Enviro400 TE1103 passes 64-year-old TD95 at The Spaniards

stop.  TDs were always a minority allocation on the 210.

Photo © Richard Thomas