Colindale Running Day

Visiting buses not in service

RM1699 acted as 'gate guardian' for the day alongside the Spitfire and Hurricane.  Its usual route 25 blinds were replaced by Finchley route 221.
Photo © John Parkin

RT4317 was a welcome late entrant to the static display.  This last worked from Palmers Green garage and displayed north London route 102.

Photo © Graham Walker

RM357 was kindly provided to cover for an unserviceable bus.  However, on the day, air problems meant that it was unable to work in service.

Photo © Issy Barrington

The sightseeing buses, such as RFW14, were (despite their green livery) mainly based at Central Area garages.  The elegant and spacious RFW class were, in mechanical terms, 8 ft wide RFs, but their Eastern Coach Works bodies were very different from the Metro-Cammell product and very distinctive.

Photo © John Hussey

Green Line RF280 was demoted to bus work in 1965 and its side route board brackets removed - the fixing points can still be seen.  The bus attended as a support vehicle for RF453.

Photo © Ian Kirby

A summation.  RT4317, doorless RF395, former Green Line RF280, 'Uxbridge' RF406, RML2735.

Photo © James Bunting