Bromley, route 227

13 December 2015

Page last updated 17 December 2015
RF486 had been off the road for an extended overhaul since 2013.  The annual operation on the 227 (London's oldest single-deck route) organised by Country Bus Rallies provided the return venue.  As TD95 was unserviceable, London Bus Museum sent UMP227, the prototype of the RF.  Thanks to several photographers, we present some memories of the day.
And here she is.
Photo © Peter Larkham 
RF486 is joined by RF429 on the stand at Penge Crooked Billet.
Photo © Ian Legg
Crystal Palace Parade, north side.  RF368 is chased by London Bus Museum's RF prototype UMP227 and London Central's PVL332 on the 363.
Photo © Peter Larkham 
UMP227 stands on the former 227 stand at Crystal Palace Parade.  Note the trafficator arm, for which the experiment on RFs ended in failure, see here.
Photo © John Parkin
Brian Bell caught this view of RF486 from another RF at Crystal Palace.
Photo © Brian Bell
And finally, the warm tungsten glow of the interior of UMP227.
Photo © John Parkin