Colindale Running Day



Operations are on public roads.  Please stay safe when taking photographs and keep to the pavements.  And make sure you do not obstruct any TfL bus operations. 
Send us your pictures, for this site
We will be putting up a gallery of pictures of the event, as we have for our previous events.  We would welcome any good pictures from you. We can’t pay you but if we use your photographs we will credit you and, of course, copyright remains with you. Please e-mail digital images or scanned prints. We will resize them if necessary. If you have prints but no scanner, please contact us at the same e-mail address and we’ll let you know where to send them. We will return the prints if you ask us to.
Much of the area is 20th century suburbia and offers some nice photo background (if you can avoid the parked cars).
A selection of places that might be good for photography:
  • Mill Hill East Station (routes 140, 240, 240A and 221)

  • Flower Lane and much of east Mill Hill (routes 140, 240A and 221)

  • The Ridgeway (route 240)

  • Highwood Hill and many other rural parts of route 251

  • Points along the feeder services (which generally follow current bus routes).