Old technologyWorcester Park Running Day 2008

Feedback and memories


Thank you to all those who have written and e-mailed their reactions to the event.  We can't resist repeating some of your comments here.


While the Daimler adjusts its blinds at Malden Fountain, the TD pulls in behind.

Photo © Peter Zabek


"We had a great time last Sunday because, besides my brother and husband enthusing over the buses, we had a day of nostalgia revisiting the places where we lived when growing up. Although not a bus enthusiast I was delighted to be able to travel on a 156 which used to pass the end of our road in Cheam, the 93 on which I used to travel to school in Epsom when we lived in Worcester Park and the 213 used for the shopping trips to Kingston. We even managed a cream tea in Whitehall in Cheam Village where my husband had lived.

As far as the buses were concerned, we were amazed at the number of vehicles involved with their drivers and the friendly conductors, the condition of the buses, the number of routes covered, the programme, the time tables, the destination boards, the way everything was more or less to time, the fact we did not have to wait long for the arrival of any of the buses on which we wanted to travel …. and so on."

Jean, Horley


Another one back home"We thoroughly enjoyed our round trip from Worcester Park to Wimbledon and back on an old double decker, followed by an open top and then a single decker (you can tell I'm no expert!). A super fun day enjoyed by all ages."

Caroline, by email


"The event allowed an old fogey like me (I'm 58) to believe that the old LT I knew and loved was still out there, even if only for a day.  I did make some vague plans but they changed very early on when a TD unexpectedly appeared and gave me my first-ever opportunity to ride on one.  I was lucky enough to sample STL441; it was interesting that the view from the lower deck of the STL was almost as restricted as that upstairs on the RLH.  For me a trip on a doorless RF brought back many memories - I managed a few rides on them just before they disappeared from route 227. Thank you again for a marvellous day."

Paul, by e-mail

STL441 ran again on the 118, a route it operated after the war when based at Streatham.   Photo © Steve Bidey


The two red RLHs at Worcester Park.   Photo © Peter Edgar

A study in roof joints

"I live in Essex and have done so for the last 48 years but lived in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park until I married in 1961, so the event was of a particular interest to me as it covered the period, the area and of course the buses and bus routes for when I was a child.

Interested in buses as a child I used to stand at Sutton Bus Garage watching the new RTLs, RTs and RFs being delivered. Went to school in Kingston on the 213 with the old LTs and was still going when they changed to RFs so again saw them all come in new.  Spent hours at Kingston Bus Station, to the detriment of "homework" trying to get the numbers of all the buses that came in and out of that garage, firstly Ts LTs and STDs but then of course the RFs.

So my brother-in-law invited me over for the weekend and with our wives we had the most wonderful day, seeing the houses we lived in, the schools we went to, the church my parents married in etc and comparing Sutton, Cheam Village, North Cheam, Morden, Worcester Park and Epsom to how we remembered them and how they are today."

John, Colchester

The former HR Richmond Bedford, viewed from an RLH.   Photo © Ian Smith

Clearway"We were both impressed with the organisation of the day, the number of vehicles present and the general support from all the passengers, a large proportion of whom were local people reminiscing about their childhood on such buses and often sharing those reminiscences with children and grandchildren. A large number of quite infirm individuals insisted on climbing the stairs to relive their (misspent?) youth."

Peter, London SE12


"I have not experienced a 'running day' before - I only came across the news of the event by chance on the web and I'm glad I did!   I was interested/surprised to see how much attention the buses got from the general public - loads of passing cars etc, as well as unsuspecting passengers who were just on their way to Morden anyway!   A wide age range, and definitely not just blokes.  Wonderful stuff."

Richard, by e-mail


"Haven't been on an RT for years, forgotten how sturdy and comfortable they are compared to modern vehicles. And of course the nostalgia ... noise, smell, ..."

Rob, Loughton


"Although a lifelong bus enthusiast, this was the first event of this nature that came to my notice (I don't know how I came to miss the local Carshalton day).  Having lived in the Wimbledon and North Cheam areas for most of my 72 years, the buses and the routes they were covering, brought back a flood of memories to me of the trips I used to take on them.
I recalled the trips to work in Wimbledon Village on the early morning 200 "Q" working out from Merton Garage and later travelling to Ewell from South Wimbledon on the 93 RTs, or on occasions from Morden on the 93 EXPRESS. I also remember the novelty of the 156 route being the only one running, I believe, after lunchtime on Christmas day."

Tony, by e-mail


A period scene - RT2794 pulls away from the stop in Bushey Road, Sutton, heading for Morden.

Photo © Peter Larkham

Whereever next?


"Congratulations on this excellent event, which my wife & I found out about by chance when waiting for a bus at Worcester Park. It was great to see & ride on these historic buses.

My Grandfather drove a London Bus around 1927. I have tried to find out which bus he drove and on asking his daughter, who is now 89 years old, and showing her some photos I took at the London Transport Museum, it is likely he drove an NS type bus with an open staircase at the back."

Barry, Worcester Park


"Just wanted to say what a fantastic day we all had today.  Seeing so many lovely old buses in familiar surroundings brought back memories of all our youths."

Angela, by e-mail

STL2377 pulls out to pass RTW75 at Morden.

Photo © Peter Osborn


That's all, folks!"May I offer all involved my most heartfelt compliments

- great website information (gave me the picture)

- superb selection of vehicles

- superb atmosphere owing to regular/intensive frequency

- variety of services

- vehicles and staff dressed properly

It was a joy to be part of it all."

John, by e-mail


"For me to travel again on the low bridge 127 bus which I used to travel on over 50 years ago every day to school was just nostalgia.  Thank you to all the owners for creating such a unique day."

John, Worcester Park


"Some friends, and their friends too, came down from Sheffield - they were not disappointed"

John B, Worcester Park


The Daimler slips away at the end of the day, for the first time without a capacity load.  A cluster of others decorate the station forecourt.

Photo © Peter Zabek