Worcester Park Running Day 2008

Route 93 and the double-deckers


Full blind display

A Morden scene, RT113 arrives from Epsom.

Photo © Rob Telford



Late entrant RM642 ran a single journey from Putney Bridge Station before rounders on the 93 and 164, but unfortunately suffered a puncture at Putney Heath in the afternoon and was forced to retire.

Photo © Richard Thomas


After you...

The drivers of RT2043 and Quality Line's Citaro exchange glances to see who will go first at Morden.

Photo © Martin Wills


Oh so familiar

RT190 pulls onto the stand at Epsom Clock Tower.   Photo © John Edwards

And I can't resist adding below Alan Cross's picture of STL2600 at the same spot about 60 years ago.

It was 60 years ago today ....


Every inch a 93

2RT2 RT113 emerges from Morden Station on its way to Wimbledon.

Photo © Les Savine



RM1033 to Putney Heath provides competition for Sutton's EVL26 bound for Putney Bridge.

Photo © Rob Telford