We expect neither snow nor roofbox RTLs, sadlyWorcester Park running day

Sunday 10 August 2008

Service updates


Putney (Chelverton Road) garage's RTL1328 bears one of the RT10 roofbox bodies transferred onto RTLs before their disposal, in this 1964 shot taken at Stonecot Hill.

It was in 1964 that the Putney Saturday workings converted from RTL to RM, but during the week the RTLs continued until replaced by RTs in 1966.

Photo © Nick Catford
Since the programme was printed, there have been certain changes to planned services and bus allocations.  Changes are not yet final, but we summarise below the latest position. 
In addition, there are major road works at South Wimbledon and Norbiton which are likely to affect services.  Key aspects are noted below.
Firstly, journey changes are listed below by route:
32 The 1414 from Worcester Park continues to Merton Garage, departing Raynes Park at 1436. 
93  Additional departures (RM-operated, running no. 45)
    From Putney Bridge Station to Epsom 1015
    From Putney Heath to Morden 1338
    From Epsom to Morden 1126
    From Morden to Putney Heath 1312, 1705 (to Putney Bridge Station)
  Additional departure: from Sutton Garage to Wimbledon departing 1404.
  The 1111 departure from North Cheam to Morden will not run.  The 1133 from North Cheam (starting from Sutton Garage) will show route 32. 
  Road works at South Wimbledon will cause some journeys to be shortened or diverted.  Southbound services from Wimbledon will run via Hartfield Road and will not serve The Broadway.  The 1324 from Epsom will be diverted at Morden to run to Sutton Garage.  The 1403 departure from Wimbledon Station will not run.
  Revised timetable here.
118    Additional departures (RT-operated, running no. 55)

  From Morden     

1038, 1140, 1314, 1416, 1550, 1649

    From Raynes Park 1058, 1200, 1334, 1436, 1610
    The 1436 departure from Raynes Park replaces the 1440, which will not run. 
  Revised timetable here.


Due to non-availability of the bus due to operate duty 24, the following services will not run:

     From Morden Clockwise: 1427, 1500, 1557.  Anti-clockwise: 1135, 1235, 1405.
     From Sutton Garage Clockwise: 1532.  Anti-clockwise: 1123, 1223, 1353, 1448.
     From North Cheam Clockwise: 1417. 
  Additional departure: from Merton Garage to Sutton Garage, departing 1040.
  Revised timetable here.

Additional short workings Morden/Sutton (RT-operated, running no. 55)


  From Morden

1010, 1112, 1214B, 1348, 1450B, 1624 (B to Banstead)


  From Sutton Garage   

1026, 1128, 1302A, 1404, 1538A, 1637 (A from Sutton Green)

    From Banstead 1246, 1522

Additional short workings Morden/Sutton (RM-operated, running no. 45)


  From Morden

1155, 1405, 1435, 1505B, 1605 (B to Banstead)


  From Sutton Garage   

1251, 1423, 1453, 1553A, 1653 (A from Sutton Green)
    From Banstead 1537
  The following departures will not run: 1448 from Sutton Garage, 1500 from Morden. 
  Revised timetable here.  
213 Due to road works and closures in Norbiton, services will be extended to Kingston and may be slightly delayed.



Please note, following earlier uncertainty, the Dorking feeder will run.

Route 353 from Amersham is misnumbered 355 in the programme.

Sadly, neither the LT Museum's Scooter (duty 15) or Cobham's Tilling ST (duty 37) will be available for service.  An RF will run duty 15, RM1 will run duty 37 on route 32.  However, we are pleased that TD95 will work duty 4 on routes 200 and 213 together with an RF. 
Please note some buses (particularly the oldest ones) will have constraints on numbers.  We expect these buses to be popular, so please be patient and be guided by the conductors.

Certain other services will be operated by different buses from those shown in the programme.  Running numbers affected are 19 (now replaced by 27), 28 (RT) and 38 (RTW), with some reallocation between these duties.  Timetables on this site have been updated for these changes.


Finally, there are some factual errors in the programme.  D1 was delivered in 1944, not 1945.  And RT2 was not the first RT2 (except numerically), as they were delivered out of order. 


Those of you fortunate enough to be readers of the Mitcham & Morden Guardian will be aware that you will have the chance to travel on 'the slimline RLH'....


And a final thought.  There is a cafe in Carey, Idaho, USA called 93 Express.  Anyone else been to Idaho?  (the webmaster recalls a night in the CD Motel in Arco, Idaho, the first town in the world to be lit solely by atomic power.  We ate at the gas station, there was nowhere else).