Worcester Park 2008

Orderly QBuses to be operated


Cobham Bus Museum will be operating Q83, a 1935 AEC Q-type.  All Cobham vehicles will carry restricted loads.

Photo © Peter Osborn


Services will be operated by preserved buses, of both pre- and post-war vintage, of the types used by London Transport in the area.  Details of the types and the individual buses planned are in the attached pages.  Vehicle availability is subject to alteration; please see the late changes page for more information.
 T    AEC single-decker built 1929
  Route 213
 Q  AEC side-engined single-decker, built 1935
  Routes 200, 213127
 TD Leyland single-decker built 1949
  Routes 200, 213
 RF          AEC single-deckers built 1951-3
  Routes 200, 213, 156, 127, Green Line routes 712, 725
Hackney Marshes again
Lowbridge double-deckers
 RLH   AEC low-height double-deckers built 1951/2
   Route 127
 Daimler   Utility-bodied Daimler CWA6 built 1945
   Route 127
 STL The pre-war standard AEC double-decker, built 1932-39.
  Routes 32, 93, 118, 156
 RT2 The 'pre-war' RT, actually built 1940

Route 93

 RT Classic double-deckers built 1947-54
  Routes 32, 93, 118, 156, 164, 286.  Green Line route 725
 RTL Leyland version of the RT, built 1948-52
  Routes 156, 189
 RTW  Wide Leyland version of the RT, built 1949-50
  Routes 32, 93
 RM AEC Routemaster double-deckers built 1959-65
  Routes 3293
 RMC AEC Routemaster double-decker coach, built 1962
  Route 712
RLH23 enters what is now the Olympic site on our Hackney Marshes running day.
Photo © John King
AEC Regal        Tours from North Cheam
Bedford SB Tours from North Cheam
All vehicles are over 40 years old, some over 70.  They are privately owned and cared for - please respect them and do not bring food and drink onto the buses.