Belmont California, 1964Worcester Park 2008

Route 286

The 286 was introduced in late 1961 from Belmont and Sutton as far as Raynes Park, and extended three months later to Kingston, replacing the Coombe Lane section of the 200.  The meandering route was not a success and it was withdrawn Monday to Saturday after only two years and completely by the end of 1964.
Sutton's RT4374 is seen standing at Belmont on a Sunday in October 1964, awaiting departure to Kingston on the 286 a few weeks before the route was withdrawn.  Note the upper case intermediates blind, unusual for blinds new in 1962.  Ken Glazier suggests they may have been produced for an earlier operational date.  The sideblind is however lower case!
Photo © Bob Turner, Ian Armstrong collection


Buses will run three round trips between Kingston and Sutton Garage.  The revised timetable is attached


Main boarding points

Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station stop A3, Norbiton Church, Wimbledon Bus Station and stop D, South Wimbledon stops SJ and SM, Morden Station stops B and H, Sutton Garage.


Route history

New daily Sutton RT-operated route 286 was introduced in October 1961 between Raynes Park and Belmont, via Wimbledon, Morden, The Woodstock, Sutton and the main road to Belmont.  Sutton Common Road between The Woodstock and Sutton By-pass finally gained a bus route, and from there to Sutton the route replaced the 156 along Collingwood Road.


Twelve weeks later, on 3 Jan 62, the 286 was extended from Raynes Park via Coombe Lane to Kingston, replacing the 'West Wimbledon' section of the 200.  The additional service along Coombe Road to Kingston helped offset a reduction on the 213 when that route was double-decked and a substantial part of the service rerouted onto the new 213A, in May 1963.


However, the route was short-lived, presumably due to its meandering nature, and was withdrawn in 1964.  First to go was the Monday to Saturday service, in January 1964, replaced in part by an extension of the 57 from South Wimbledon to Kingston and in part by a tortuous (and itself short-lived, the section being in turn replaced by the 80/A in 1969) revision to the 213A.  The Sunday service lasted until November, and was not replaced along Coombe Lane until the 200 was extended to Kingston on Sunday afternoons a year later.